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Qanon Primer

Hey Anons, most of you know about Qanon – but for anyone who doesn’t hopefully the following resources will let you catch up on The Great Awakening.

Since 8chan is offline at the moment – we’ll add those links later. Here are the original PDFs from 8chan that I happened to download in March.

8chan should be back around September 5th, so we’ll have more resources soon.

Here are a couple of sites that have all or most of the posts from Q archived:

You can also check out the 3 Voat subverses dedicated to Qanon discussion:

Voat has been under heavy DDoS attacks since before 8chan went down, so you currently need an account to access the content. Also, be aware that both Voat and 8chan are free speech platforms, so as a result you may find material that may be offensive to some people.

We’ll update you patriots with more info and links very soon.

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